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The 28-A1N is a featherweight, rugged, proven transporter used by many of today’s civilian Aeromedical operators . Weighing in at 70 lbs, with a load capacity of 700 lbs, the 28-A1N is an ideal fit for the UH-72 Lakota. A Ground Compatibility Kit (GCK) option is available making the 28-A1N compatible with most ground ambulances and offers a perfect transport solution for military hospitals. Compatible with all NATO Litters.

P/N FM840A111


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  • 700 Lb. load rating
  • EMS Ground Compatibility Kit available
  • Rapidly deployable


  • Provides a featherweight aeromedical transport solution for NATO litters
  • Compatible with an array of rotary airframes
  • Used in numerous civilian Medevac operations
Height Max
33 in84 cm
Height Min
9 in22 cm
Length Max
80 in204 cm
Loading Height
27 in.68 cm

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