Ferno Military Systems

FMS Special Operation Forces Litter (SOF-L)

Ferno Military Systems' Special Operation Forces Litter (SOF-L) (also known as APE Litter) is ideal for dismounted operations, and compatible with multiple evacuation platforms. All components of the litter frame are field replaceable, including bed covers and patient restraints. Self leveling feet mitigate damage to rotary wing floors. Optional items include a Spare Parts Kit (SPK), litter carrier, Mesh-Decon, TCCC or Fluid Absorbent bed covers.

NSN 6530-01-659-8075

P/N FM800A101 (Decon Mesh)
P/N FM800A090 (TCCC Cover)
P/N FM800A080 (Fluid Absorbent)


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  • Removable and replaceable patient restraints (alloy buckles)
  • Multiple, removable and replaceable covers available
  • Modular Frame - only NATO Litter with field replaceable parts
  • A spare parts kit (SPK) is available
  • Self-leveling feet prevent damage to floor of aircraft
  • Easy-to-decontaminate polypropylene mesh cover
  • Globally sourced and Trade Compliant
  • Assembled in U.S.A.


  • Selected as the Litter of Record for USSOCOM TCCC Program
  • Designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems
  • The SOF-L Litter is now available for Direct Purchase by DoD, US.Govt, Federal and Local Law Enforcement
  • FM800A080: List price $999.00 USD (includes absorbent cover and restraints)
  • FM800A101: List price $999.00 USD (includes mesh cover and restraints)
  • FM800A090: List price $1036.00 USD (includes TCCC cover and restraints)
5.0 in12.70 cm
Width (Max)
22.0 in55.88 cm
Width (Min)
14.5 in36.83 cm
Length (Handles Deployed)
91.0 in231.14 cm
Length (Handles Folded)
74.0 in187.96 cm
Length (Litter Folded)
19.0 in48.26 cm
19.0 lbs.8.61 kg
Load Rating
350 lbs.158.75 kg

List Price

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