Ferno Military Systems

FMS UH-60 Blackhawk Litter Rack (BLR)

Ferno Military Systems' Blackhawk Litter Rack is designed for use in MH-60 / UH-60 airframes. The BLR installs  in place of the four aft jump seats with or without internal fuel tanks. The rack utilizes existing seat mount positions and does not require any permanent alterations to the air frame. Once installed, mission aircraft have immediate casualty evacuation capability.  The BLR carries a low weight penalty and can be installed/removed in minutes.

P/N FM582A100


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  • Secures up to (2) NATO or disaster litters
  • Patient platforms fold out of way when not in use
  • AWR Certified
  • 265 Lb. load rating per litter support
  • Originally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA


  • Employs aft seat mount locations
  • Does not require modifications to airframe
  • Allows treatment of patients "off the floor"
  • Low gross weight penalty
  • Can be installed or removed quickly
  • The BLR is now available for Direct Purchase by LE or DoD
53.0 in134.60 cm
23.25 in59.0 cm
68.0 in172.7cm
Weight (no litters)
180.0 lbs.81.64 kg
Load Rating (Per Litter)
265.0 lbs.120.20 kg

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