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FMS Litter Conversion Rack (LCR)

Our Litter Conversion Rack (LCR) allows most pick-up trucks, cargo or passenger vans the capability to quickly convert and secure (2) casualties for immediate transport when using NATO style litters. The simple low profile design can be semi-permanently installed, or tied down like cargo in the vehicle.  A custom Segway trailer variant is also available.

P/N FM800A200


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  • Compatible with most NATO or Disaster style litters
  • Secures up to (2) litters
  • Top-Side Litter Support folds down giving a low-profile when not in use
  • A custom Segway trailer variant is available
  • Custom applications for fit specific requirements are available


  • Compatible with most cargo or passenger vans
  • Provides immediate evacuation capability
  • Designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA
  • The LCR is now available for direct purchase by LE and DoD
  • List Price $10,999.00
Height (Max)
20.93 in53.16 cm
Height (Min)
4.87 in12.37 cm
32.50 in82.55 cm
100.0 lbs.45.35 kg

List Price

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