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FMS Intensive Care Platform (ICP)

Ferno Military's Intensive Care Platform (ICP) is a self contained treatment platform that shares its origin with our original Model-5. The (ICP) allows for advanced treatment through the entire continuum of care and can be utilized in mobile evacuation (vehicle, rotary & fixed wing) or fixed casualty collection points. Current configuration Includes, 8 storage cassettes, provisions for 4 (D) Oxygen cylinders and IV Pole mounts . Custom variants are available.

P/N FA608A100


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  • Rugged and proven mobile Medevac platform
  • Can be tied down like cargo
  • Can be quickly installed or removed from transport platforms
  • Self-contained system
  • Includes on-board Oxygen provisions


  • Provides stable platform for immediate patient care
  • Provides stable platform to secure medical devices
  • Accepts most NATO or Disaster litters
  • Originally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA
  • Available for Direct Purchase by LE or DoD
Height (Max)
17.0 in43.18 cm
27.50 in69.85 cm
85.0 lbs.38.55 kg

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