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Original Ferno Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation Board

Our Original Ferno Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation Board is ideal for confined space or vehicle extraction because of its light weight, compact size and rapid deployment. Generous hand holds accept most common strap systems. An optional set of FMS Tactical Restraints are available. The FMS Mantis has passed operational testing and selected during user field evaluations as the Evac-Board of record integrated into the USSOCOM (TCCC) Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) sets.

P/N FM840A106

List Price $521.00 (does not include restraints)


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  • Alloy construction
  • Large Handholds
  • Compatible with numerous restraint systems
  • Optional FMS Berry Compliant Restraints
  • Lightweight (12 lbs.)
  • 500 Lb Load Rating
  • Benefits

    • Low Cube Storage
    • Deploys in seconds
    • Originally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA
    • The Original Ferno Mantis is now available for Direct Purchase by DoD, US.Govt, Federal and Local Law Enforcement
    • List Price $521.00
    • Field tested and selected as the Evac-Board of record for USSOCOM TCCC CASEVAC Program
    Length (Deployed)
    72.0 in182.88 cm
    Length (Folded)
    25.0 in63.50 cm
    16.0 in40.64 cm
    12.0 lbs.5.44 kg
    Load Rating
    500 lbs.229.79 Kg

    List Price

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