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Featuring the Patent-Pending integration of a polymer tourniquet holster, the TIFAK is an all-in-one solution for individual first aid kits (IFAK). The TIFAK can hold all necessary supplies for immediate self-treatment in a larger, low profile package that can be either attached via MOLLE or worn on a duty belt. The external tourniquet holster provides positive retention while offering one-handed access to the tourniquet without manipulation of the pouch (Configurations for CAT, SOF-T, SOF-T Wide tourniquets). Additionally, the TIFAK utilizes a removable organizer panel to retain the internal contents. This gives operators the ability to access all of the contents regardless of where the kit is mounted, and provides the capability to refit by exchanging organizer panels. Berry Compliant.

P/N FMTK112 (Does not include supplies or tourniquets)


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  • MOLLE or duty belt compatible
  • Removable Organizer Retention System


  • Low-profile design is well suited for operators in kit
  • Exterior holster allows rapid access to tourniquet
  • Contents can be exchanged between operators or responders

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