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Mass Casualty Sustainment Pack

The MCS Pack fulfills the need to provide immediate first-aid response for multiple casualties until definitive care is available. Responders or operators can quickly inject first-aid capability on-scene to enhance casualty survival ability. The durable and lightweight pack is designed for easy access to contents while keeping the IFAK Pods secure. The IFAK Pods offer immediate casualty treatment and can be removed / distributed as needed. The MCS Pack can be configured to hold our Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation board (Sold seperately).  Berry Compliant.

P/N FMTK114 (Does not include supplies)


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  • Removable IFAK pods
  • External MOLLE for extra pouches
  • Supports mass casualty scenarios


  • Lightweight Pack System
  • MCS can support multiple casualties
  • Can be configured with different sizes of IFAK pods

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