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DA Med Belt

The DA Med Belt is an operator designed tactical trauma belt system that revolutionizes the way medics treat casualties. In situations where it's not feasible to remove an aid bag for treatment, this system allows operators to work off their kit so casualties can be treated on the "X". Designed to rotate around the waist, operators can work out of all 3 pouches as needed without having to remove the belt.  Designed for use with standard duty belt or riggers belt (sold separately) Berry Compliant.

P/N FMTK113 (Does not include supplies)


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  • (3) 5 piece MOLLE supported pouches
  • each pouch includes organizers
  • Available with rated riggers belt


  • Does not interfere with operator load carriage systems
  • Can spin about waist for immediate and easy access to pouches
  • Compatible with any duty or riggers belt

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