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Wizloc OD

The universal design of the WizLoc Cervical Collar fits a wide range of patient sizes ranging from 2 years old through adult. It features fast 3-step adjustment and application, with unique self-centering mandibular support and adjustable occipital support with keyhole lock pin. Provides minimal interference with X-ray or MRI procedures and can be decontaminated for re-use up to 10 times. Available in high visibility neon pink, or OD green.

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  • X-ray translucent and MRI compatible


  • On-patient sizing for greater accuracy
  • Can be decontaminated 3-position occipital support with keyhole lock-pin| Reusable up to 10 times
Height (Back)
8.0 in20.32 cm
Height (Front)
7.0 in17.78 cm
Length Max
27.0 in68.58 cm

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