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SOF-Litter Cover

SOF-Litter covers are removable and replaceable and allow used, damaged or contaminated covers to be replaced as needed. Our poly-pro mesh cover is ideal for any operation and excels in Haz-Mat or CBRNE environments. Also available are the Neo-Nylon TCCC cover, and the Litter Guard which absorbs free flowing body fluids and is ideal for vehicles or airframes where mitigation of body fluid contamination is desired.

P/N FM900C102 (Mesh Decon)

P/N FM900C103 (Litter Guard)

P/N FM900C101 (TCCC Cover)


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  • Berry Compliant
  • Decon mesh cover uses Velcro
  • TCCC cover uses Velcro
  • Litter Guard absorbs body fluid


  • Lightweight
  • Removable and replaceable
  • Allows for longer life-cycle of litter down range

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